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Young People's Department

YPD - Helping Young People Through Life's Maze

Welcome to the website of the WRU Young People's Department. As a YPD committee, we are dedicated to equip, facilitate and provide resources for children, young people, Sunday School and school workers across our nation, within the Union - free of charge. We are dedicated to train and equip all of the above, to make you faster, stronger and fitter in all that you do. We exist to serve the churches in the WRU through 3 main ways;

  1. Informing - we seek to be a source of information for youth leaders and churches. This includes anything from good practice to general questions. 

  2. Resourcing - we seek to equip and resource youth leaders and churches for work with young people and children. 

  3. Doing - we believe in action as well as words. We wish to be an active member of the WRU. Part of this includes running or facilitating events across the Union. 

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